With years of experience caring for Barossa Valley vineyards, Vineyard Mates can help you with all aspects of your vineyard needs.

Vineyard Mates understands the individual needs of each customer enabling us to assess and advise on their own unique challenges and distinct objectives. We offer a range of management and operational services; from a one-off service and recommendation through to regular scheduled services.

We enjoy the connection that we have with our customers and wineries. The Barossa Valley is a beautiful place to live and doing something that we are both passionate about and enjoy means it doesn’t feel like a job, but a fantastic lifestyle. It’s a brilliant feeling achieving high standards for our growers and being able to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing needs.

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    Operation Solutions

    A full range of vineyard operations are offered on a project by project basis to suit your individual needs.

    Work is undertaken by our experienced, fully trained and licensed team.

    Customers can ask us to provide as many or as few operations as required, while maintaining control over what level of provision or procurement of chemicals and materials they wish to have.

    Our services span the whole viticultural portfolio of tasks including:

    • Spraying
    • Weed control
    • Foliage management
    • Pruning
    • Trellising
    • Irrigation repairs
    • Cover cropping
    • Harvesting
    • General property maintenance

    We are always researching, learning and developing both personally and in the services and equipment that we provide. By keeping our finger on the pulse, we can help you to take an innovative approach and adapt to the industry’s ever changing needs.

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    Full Vineyard and Business Management

    You can choose a management package to suit your desired level of involvement in the vineyard.

    Vineyard Mates Packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

    The Basic Management Package: This package offers flexibility in which activities you would like supplied and focuses on the core vineyard needs of quality and consistency in grape production.

    The Deluxe Management Package : This package provides a comprehensive vineyard management service in which we take complete responsibility for all aspects of your vineyard operations, including liaison and coordination with wineries, planning and quality assessment.

    Our comprehensive and tailor made packages provide the perfect level of support to suit your needs and budget requirements.

    No matter which level of management you choose, we will work closely alongside you to identify, plan and manage your vineyard in order to produce the highest quality, consistency and outstanding results.

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    New Vineyard Development and Redevelopment Services

    Vineyard Mates can handle every step of developing your vineyards, from site and soil preparation to irrigation layout and design planning, vine material selection and planting to installation of posts, strainers and trellis structure. We also assist in the selection of varieties, clones and rootstocks through to purchase, planting and training of vine material.

    Give us a call for a quote on redevelopment and new plantings now. We offer complete project management, from bare paddock to established vineyard.

    • Site Selection
    • Soil Preparation
    • Theodolite Surveying Services
    • Vineyard planning and preparation
    • Installation of Irrigation – Mains and sub mains, dripper irrigation
    • Installation of posts, strainers and trellis structure
    • Purchase of vine material
    • Planting
    • Vine training
    • Future vineyard management services
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    Consultancy Services – Ask the Experts

    As experts in Vineyard management, we can act as your Technical Support Team to help troubleshoot any challenges you are facing, such as spray or irrigation queries, pest and disease problems, or helping you with business contacts and referrals. If you need help.. simply Ask the Experts.

    Regular vineyard visits and reviews can be conducted with reports provided on the status and progress of your vineyard, coupled with management recommendations to help you plan key activities throughout each season.

    We will openly and honestly share our knowledge and experience with you to help you make the right choices – first time, every time. Together we will realise your vineyards full potential by helping you to define where to focus your time and energy and seek out every opportunity to help you, your vines and your business grow.

    All consultancy services are offered on a fee for service or retainer basis.