Vineyard Mates can help with all of your vineyard needs

Management and Operations Solutions

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    Operation Solutions

    Stepping in when you’re in a bind. A full range of vineyard operations are offered on a project by project basis to suit your individual needs

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    Choose a management package to suit your desired level of involvement in the vineyard.

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    Complete project management, from bare paddock to established vineyard.

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    Our proven performance in managing vineyards comes with well over 50 years combined experience across the full range of viticultural operations and activities. Ask the Experts.

Vineyard Mates can help you with all aspects of your vineyard needs

For small to medium-sized vineyards owners who are dissatisfied with their current vineyard management and lack of results or who simply want to maintain growth. We specialize in vineyard management and operational services supporting vineyards owners to identify, plan and manage your vineyards in order to produce and maintain quality wine grapes. We enjoy the connection that we have with our customers and wineries. The Barossa Valley is a beautiful place to live and doing something that we are both passionate about and enjoy; it doesn’t feel like a job, but a fantastic lifestyle. It’s a brilliant feeling achieving high standards for our growers and being able to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing needs.

We provide a comprehensive vineyard management service. Our full management service takes complete responsibility for all aspects of vineyard development, operations and quality assessment. We can offer management flexibility; in which the customer may select which management activities they want supplied whilst maintaining their desired level of involvement in the vineyard. Looking at vine health we focus on quality and consistency in grape production. We look to overcome any obstacles you may encounter on your journey as a vineyard owner. Unlike other vineyard management services, we can tailor a management programme and services to the needs of individual growers to suit any budgets and even small changes can make a difference to your vineyard. We always strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service, and we work with them to achieve their outcomes.

We live, sleep and breathe the vineyard wine grape industry. If you would like to discuss how we can manage your vineyard operations click here.

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  • We show dedication and commitment to the vineyards that we maintain.
  • We will openly and honestly share our knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices first time, every time so that together we can realize your vineyards full potential.
  • We are always passionate, supportive and approachable with your satisfaction and best interests, at the heart of everything we do.